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Tom Crosbie
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York's #1 performing magician, Tom Crosbie has been entertaining professionally around the world for a number of years.

Tom's experience in practicing magic (over 17 years) means that whatever the situation, Tom's magic can be adapted to suit whatever the event and situation. Tom has performed in every situation possible from behind the bar at weddings to students in a moving queue outside nightclubs. Nothing will come as a surprise!

He has performed close-up magic in venues all over the world, including a six month run in the House of Illusion in Salou, Spain. Tom is also a regular special guest at Illusions Magic Bar, Bristol

If you think magic is all card tricks and rabbits from a hat, then you may be surprised when you see Tom perform. He takes magic into the 21st century and, while he does still use playing cards, the focus is more on everyday objects. You will be amazed when you see Tom create magic at the finger tips with almost anything!

It's easy to see, when you watch Tom's entertaining style, why he has been voted York's Magician of the Year four times in a row! Even just a few inches away from you, he will leave you asking "...do that again?"

Tom regularly performs in York, Leeds, Manchester, Bradford, Birmingham or Bristol although he is available anywhere in the UK - so get in touch now for a 100% no obligation quote.

I'm speechless!

- Simon Callow

Tom Crosbie made the last night of our holiday. His magic was unbelievable

- Kara, Falkirk

You fooled me!

- Latimer, World Champion of Magic - Los Angeles

Tom was great and freindly - highly recommended! 5 Stars!

- Tom, Norwich

Now that is magic!

- Jimmy Carr

He should be on TV!

- Liam, Wiltshire

I love that! Keep up the good work!

- J.K. Rowling

I am thoroughly impressed - well done sir!

- Gary Oldman

The man is a genius! Tom is definitely my favourite!

- Mel, Teeside

Great tricks, laughs and memories! You were an asset to our day's success.

Heidi, Events Manager, Door 84 Youth Centre